2013 - 2015

The Abbott Government was elected on a platform of building a stronger, more prosperous economy for a safe and secure Australia.

Following six years of chaos and mismanagement, the Abbott Government moved quickly to clean up Labor’s mess.
On the first day of the new Parliament, the Abbott Government introduced legislation to repeal the carbon tax and the mining tax, and to commence Operation Sovereign Borders. Both the carbon and mining taxes were successfully repealed, and people smuggling operations from Indonesia to Australia was stopped.

Free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea were finalised, and the Government oversaw the commencement of the biggest federally-funded infrastructure program in Australian history.

During this time, Australia became the second largest military contributor to the US-led campaign against Islamic State in Iraq, and hosted the G20 meeting of global leaders in Brisbane in November 2014.

Some of the achievements of the Abbott Government included:

  • The repeal of Labor’s carbon tax, saving families $550 a year on average

  • The repeal of Labor’s mining tax, restoring confidence to this important sector

  • Stopping the boats and stopping the deaths at sea

  • The conclusion of three free trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea

  • Rolling out the largest infrastructure investment in Australia's history - $50 billion to improve road and rail links, reduce travel times and support economic growth

  • Ending five decades of indecision by approving a second airport for Sydney to be located at Badgerys Creek

  • Delivering the lowest small business tax rate in half a century

  • Beginning the task of Budget repair

  • Legislating four tranches of national security legislation, to keep Australians safe

  • Providing more resources for our security and law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism

  • Establishing counter-terrorism units at all international airports

  • Providing environmental approvals to 176 projects valued at more than $1 trillion

  • Establishing the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption

  • Scrapping Labor’s bank deposit tax, to protect the savings of hard-working Australians

  • Establishing the New Colombo Plan

  • Establishing the Medical Research Future Fund and

  • Committing to take an additional 12,000 refugees from the war torn Middle East.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

Prime Minister from 18 September 2013 - 15 September 2015

Tony Abbott became Australia's 28th prime minister in 2013, when the Liberal-National Party coalition won office, replacing the Labor government led by Kevin Rudd.

In his time as Prime Minister, the carbon tax and the mining tax were repealed; free trade agreements were finalised with China, Japan and Korea; and the people smuggling trade from Indonesia to Australia was halted. As Opposition Leader at the 2010 election, he reduced a first term Labor government to minority status before comprehensively winning the 2013 election.

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