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Investing in national security and Gilmore jobs

Monday, 09 May 2022
Liberal candidate for Gilmore, Andrew Constance, has welcomed the Morrison Government’s investment in new helicopters and the expansion of the HMAS Albatross facilities that will bring additional job opportunities to the South Coast.

“The Morrison Government investment in expanding our maritime helicopter fleet and facilities will help to create local jobs and keep Australians safe,” Andrew Constance said.

“Gilmore is incredibly proud of our local defence community and the great job they do to keep our nation safe.

“Both our nation and the world are facing uncertain times, and the Morrison Government has been providing unwavering support for our defence force.

“This investment in Australia’s defence capabilities will also create around 90 new local direct jobs and many more through the local supply chain – generating great opportunities for the local community.”

The Government will expand our maritime helicopter fleet with an additional 12 MH-60R Romeo maritime helicopters to be acquired and based at HMAS Albatross, along with a 13th Romeo to replace one lost in 2021.

This investment is worth more than $2.5 billion and will replace Navy’s existing Taipan fleet. The Government has also set aside up to $360 million to expand facilities at HMAS Albatross to house the expanded fleet.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the investments were key to the Government’s plan for a safe and secure Australia in the face of regional and global uncertainty.

“Our world and our region are changing but we’re investing a record $270 billion in the defence and security of Australia over the decade to 2030,” the Prime Minister said.

“Australia and our region is now in the midst of the most consequential and challenging strategic realignment since the Second World War.

“But these investments don’t just support the Australian Defence Force, they support local jobs and skills right here.

“The more than $8 billion we’re investing in Romeo and Apache helicopters and facilities means 290 new jobs on the ground around the country for electricians, mechanics and engineers to support their maintenance, along with hundreds more jobs in the small business supply chain that supports these fleets.

“A safe and secure Australia also means a strong economy and a stronger future for defence industry jobs.”

Only the Liberals have a plan to deliver a strong economy and a stronger future for the residents of Gilmore.