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Coalition Support For Northwest Sydney Children's Hospital

Wednesday, 11 May 2022
A re-elected Morrison Government will provide $2 million to support the Allowah Presbyterian Children’s hospital so they can continue to support NSW children with disabilities and their families.
Located in Dundas Valley, Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital is a fully accredited and licensed hospital supporting children living with complex disabilities and medical needs, which often require a high level of medical care.
Minister for Social Services, Anne Ruston, said the emergency funding will ensure the care of sick children and their carers.
“Allowah looks after some of the most vulnerable kids in our society, and I am thrilled to ensure their staff, facilities and expertise will be able to assist those in need for many years to come” Minister Ruston said.
The facility is focused on serving children as young as three who live with genetic or chromosomal disorders, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, head and spinal injuries, neurological and other conditions acquired after birth.
The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and changes to fluctuating hospital admissions has put enormous pressure on Allowah’s financial stability and its ability to provide essential care.
Liberal candidate for Parramatta, Maria Kovacic, welcomed the support from a re-elected Morrison Government’s for Allowah, who has been looking after sick and disabled kids across Sydney’s western suburbs.
“This hospital in Western Sydney is an asset to our community and we have fought to save it. There are around 2,000 children in New South Wales alone that could benefit from Allowah’s unique services,” Ms Kovacic said.
Allowah CEO, Liz McClean, said that Allowah had a strong, viable and sustainable business model for the future and they are looking forward to enhancing the lives of thousands of Australians.
“I was incredibly encouraged to speak to Maria. She is a woman who clearly gets things done. She immediately saw the urgent help that Allowah needed and went about solving the problem. I am so thankful for her advocacy, as are the kids and their families,” Ms McClean said.

“And I’m really grateful to Minister Ruston for acting to support Allowah. It’s fabulous news.”

The funding commitment from a re-elected Morrsion Government would be provided as a one-off donation.
Only the Morrison Government will continue to deliver a better future for Parramatta as part of our plan to build a strong economy and a stronger future.