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Our Plan for Reid

Fiona Martin and the Liberal Team will deliver for Reid

 Upgrading our local parks like Burwood Park and Cabarita Park to make them safer and more inclusive.

 Investing in local sporting facilities with upgrades at St Lukes and Drummoyne Ovals and new netball courts at Mason Park.

 Guaranteeing Medicare and making life-changing medicines for prostate and breast cancer cheaper through the PBS.

 Reducing the cost of living with lower electricity costs and delivering more tax relief for families and businesses.


A vote for Fiona Martin is a vote for:



The recent Budget saw the largest turnaround in Australia’s finances in over 70 years. Australia’s recovery is leading the world with higher jobs growth and economic growth than the major advanced economies.


Australia’s unemployment rate is 4%, the equal lowest level in nearly 50 years. 220,000 Australians are now in a trade apprenticeship – the highest level on record. By backing small businesses and investing in skills, manufacturing, infrastructure and energy, our economic plan will create more jobs.


82,600 taxpayers in Reid will benefit from further tax relief of up to $1,500 this year. A strong economy means the Government can provide practical relief for cost of living pressures – including halving the fuel excise for six months.


The small business tax rate has been reduced to 25% – the lowest level in 50 years. Our plan gives 30,900 local small businesses incentives to invest in technology. 6,000 local small businesses in Reid will be able to access our new 20% bonus deduction for upskilling their staff


The Liberal Government is reducing congestion on Homebush Bay Drive and upgrading Hill Road at Wentworth Point. We are also delivering other major upgrades, including the M4-M5 Link Tunnel and Rozelle Interchange as part of WestConnex.


Emissions are down by 20% on 2005 levels. Australia has committed to net zero emissions by 2050. We will achieve this through technology, not taxes. Our Recycling Modernisation Fund will save 10 million tonnes from landfill every year by 2030.


Federal funding for NSW hospitals has almost doubled since 2013. Medicare bulk billing has increased to record levels (88.8%) and 795,000 Telehealth services have been provided in Reid since 2020.


After Labor reduced Defence funding to its lowest level since 1938, the Liberals are rebuilding our Defence Force – including building and upgrading over 70 vessels. We have secured our borders and are undertaking the largest ever investment in cybersecurity.

I need Fiona Martin on my Liberal Team in Reid to keep building a strong economy and a stronger future.

Scott Morrison
Prime Minister