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Let’s Improve the Safety & Efficiency of the 
Bundock/Avoca St Intersection!

I have put up my hand to contribute to my community and run for State Parliament. While speaking with residents and community groups, an issue that has been raised around the local area is the busy Bundock – Avoca Street intersection. Locals have told me, and I have experienced, how difficult it is to make a right-hand turn from Bundock Street onto Avoca Street. If a car does try to turn right and can’t, they hold up the traffic behind them creating traffic congestion.

Locals have also told me it can be very difficult for pedestrians to cross at this busy intersection. There are several schools in the vicinity of Bundock – Avoca Street. As a mum of three children, pedestrian safety around schools is an issue I greatly care about and want to improve. 

If you would like to support my submission to Natalie Ward, Minister for Metropolitan please complete this petition.

Let’s make the Bundock - Avoca Street intersection safer and more efficient!