Natalie Ward

Deputy Opposition Leader, Shadow Minister for Transport and Roads, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Shadow Minister for the Illawarra and South Coast and Member of the Legislative Council


Minister for Metropolitan Roads, Minister for Women’s Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Natalie was elected to the Legislative Council of NSW Parliament on 21 November 2017. She is the Duty MLC for the Northern Province.

Graduating from Adelaide University in 1996 with Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence) (BA Juris) degrees, she was admitted to the South Australian Supreme Court and Australian High Court in 1996, and the NSW Supreme Court in 1997.

Natalie practiced in commercial litigation and financial services, both in federal regulatory practice and in the private sector.

Natalie is a former Director of the Australian Rugby Foundation Board. She is married to David and they are busy raising two children.

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