Labor can’t explain energy relief plans for NSW households

12 May 2023

As households across NSW struggle under higher energy prices and increased cost of living pressures, Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change James Griffin says it’s clear that Labor don’t understand the issues impacting communities.

“In Parliament this week, I asked Labor two very simple questions, on behalf of families, seniors and households across our state,” Mr Griffin said:

1) “Federal budget papers confirm that the average household's energy bill will increase by $380 next financial year. The New South Wales Coalition proposed $250 energy bill relief for every household in New South Wales. How many New South Wales households will be hit by this price increase because of your Government's decision to limit energy bill relief?”

2) “Following up from your inability to answer the question yesterday. What will be the average increase in electricity bills in the next financial year, for families who will not be eligible for the limited bill relief provided by NSW and Federal Labor Governments, given they will not receive the $250 off energy bills for all families announced by the NSW Coalition?”

“Labor couldn’t answer either question, taking the first question on notice, and not knowing that the average household’s energy bill will increase by $380.”

“If Labor can’t tell us how many households will be hit by the rise in power bills, how can anyone expect them to reduce the cost of living for the residents of NSW?”

Before the election Labor admitted it would take seven years for their energy policies to lower power bills. In contrast the Coalition committed to providing $250 energy relief for every household in the state.

“Households and businesses can’t wait seven years. People rightly expect their government to be taking action now. This is yet another demonstration that Labor don’t understand the cost of living pressures across our community, that they aren’t across the detail, and that they’re not up to scratch,” Mr Griffin concluded.

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