Mark Speakman elected new NSW Liberal Leader

21 April 2023

Mark Speakman has been elected as the new leader of the NSW Liberal Parliamentary Party and will lead the Party to the 2027 NSW election.

Mark grew up in Caringbah, in the Cronulla electorate he has represented since 2011 and where he has lived most of his adult life. He has two children, Kate and Matt, with Caroline. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (first class honours and the university medal) and a Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University as well as a Master of Law (first class honours) from Cambridge University. Mark was appointed Senior Counsel after a successful legal career before entering NSW Parliament.

In the previous Coalition Government, Mark served as Attorney General, Minister for the Environment and Heritage, and Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence. As AG he led major legal reforms in domestic and sexual violence (including sexual consent law and coercive control law), improving community safety and modernised defamation law. As Environment Minister he led NSW’s early adoption of net zero by 2050, as well as container deposit scheme legislation. He also served as Leader of the House.

“The NSW Liberals have delivered more than a decade of unprecedented economic success and investment for our state. Our government left NSW with two triple-A credit ratings, low unemployment and strong economic management that allowed us to support for families, businesses and the wider community,” Mark said.

“From vouchers that have been helping family budgets, to programs that have helped small businesses survive repeated economic shocks, to transformation of infrastructure and frontline services, the Coalition government left NSW stronger and more prosperous than it was in 2011.

“In challenging times we will continue to work hard for the people of NSW and keep fighting for the needs of communities from Albury to Port Macquarie, and from Vaucluse to Broken Hill.

“After 12 years in opposition, Labor have only been able to achieve minority government on an extraordinarily narrow platform. We intend to operate as a constructive opposition – offering support where it is warranted, and holding the Government to account where they fail the community.”

Damien Tudehope and Natalie Ward have been elected as the Leader and Deputy Leader in the Legislative Council.