Servo savings: The Cheapest stations to fill up these holidays

19 December 2022

Drivers are being urged to log into FuelCheck before hitting the road this Christmas after the nation-leading app identified the cheapest petrol on routes in and out of Sydney and in popular holiday spots across the state.
Treasurer Matt Kean said the FuelCheck app can help NSW drivers save up to $800 a year by filling up at cheaper petrol stations.
“This time of year, many people hit the road to join family at Christmas celebrations and to holiday within the state. FuelCheck is free and can slash your petrol bill,” Mr Kean said.
“FuelCheck is easy to use and allows customers to compare prices at local petrol stations to find the best deal by location, price or fuel type with just the touch of a button.
“The numbers have been crunched and FuelCheck has found the cheapest petrol stations on major highways in and out of Sydney and in holiday hotspots like Byron and Batemans Bay.” 
Customers can compare the prices of Unleaded 91 (U91), Ethanol 10 (E10), Premium 95 (P95) and Premium 98 (P98) as well as Diesel and Premium Diesel. 
Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government Victor Dominello said  
customers going to or through Canberra can now access cheap petrol prices with the FuelCheck app or website with 60 servos added in the ACT in the last month. 
“Cheaper petrol is in the palm of your hand, so please take advantage of it heading into the holidays,” Mr Dominello said.
“Last week we saw a price difference of 34c between petrol stations just 1.5km apart, so jumping on the app can really make an impact. 
“FuelCheck is just one of more than 70 ways people can save through the NSW Government these holidays.”  
If motorists notice the price at the pump in NSW does not match what is shown on the FuleCheck app, they can make a complaint directly to NSW Fair Trading.  
The FuelCheck website was launched in 2016 and has received 23 million visits, while the app has now had more than 2.3 million downloads.
For more information on FuelCheck and to download the app visit:       

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