Union demands will be an economic wrecking ball

10 August 2022

The ACTU’s radical plan for higher taxes, higher inflation and heavy-handed Government will send a wrecking ball through the economy.

Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor said with inflation on the rise globally, the ACTU’s reckless demands for Labor’s Jobs and Skills Summit are a recipe for ruin, not recovery.

“Today’s calls from the ACTU show that Labor’s only plan is to make a bad situation worse,” Mr Taylor said.

“The answer to addressing rising inflation isn’t heavy-handed government or eliminating stage three tax cuts – it's to have sensible fiscal and monetary policy driven by a focused, independent Reserve Bank.

“The comments made by Sally McManus criticising the RBA are completely irresponsible.

“It is critical the RBA’s core mandate is not diluted in any way. Calls for heavy-handed interventions to control inflation like price-fixing, corporate intervention and more taxes will cripple Australian businesses and send the economy further backwards.

“The Treasurer must categorically rule out adopting these proposals.

“It’s become increasingly clear over the past few weeks that the Labor Government will always back their union bosses over hardworking Australian businesses, families and workers.”

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Michaelia Cash said this is just further proof the so-called Jobs Summit will be nothing more than a union-dominated talkfest.

“It's a stunt that will no doubt end in the Government rolling over to their union paymasters and delivering whatever they want. Calls for more taxes will be a disaster for the economy as we recover from the pandemic,” Senator Cash said.

“The Treasurer must explain why he has chosen to give voices like the ACTU a disproportionately large voice at his forthcoming Jobs and Skills Summit.”


Angus Taylor
Shadow Treasurer, Member for Hume

Michaelia Cash
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Senator for Western Australia

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